Comprehensive Strategy Just For You

Most CPA/ Tax Preparers prepare your tax return and simply make sure the numbers all line up. Triton Business Advisors goes a step further. We start at the 50,000 foot view and dive deep to analyze both current and future tax-saving opportunities while looking for other money-saving opportunities, whether you are a self-employed business owner or an individual filer. Our personalized approach provides you with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific needs.

The following is our four-step process for our work with you.

“Get Acquainted” Meeting

  • Review prior tax returns and other financial information
  • Provide a fee estimate based on prior year tax return

Agree to Work Together

  • Sign an engagement letter if there’s a good fit
  • Upload documents into our software for review

Tax Preparation & Client Review

  • Analyze information for tax-saving opportunities
  • Prepare initial tax return
  • Respond to follow-up questions

Finalize Tax Returns

  • Send finalized tax returns to client for review and approval
  • Once approved, send EFile forms to client for signature.
  • File and monitor the status of submission
Triton Business Advisors - Client Engagement Process