Tax Preparation Approach & Fees

Tax and Accounting Services

Comprehensive Strategy Just for You

Our personalized approach provides you with a comprehensive strategy tailored to your specific needs.

Most CPA/Tax Preparers prepare your tax return and simply make sure the numbers all line up. Triton Business Advisors goes a step further. We start at the 50,000 foot view and dive deep to analyze both current and future tax-saving opportunities, whether you are a self-employed business owner or an individual filer.

Benefits of working with us

We get your taxes done on time, but most likely will save you money on your taxes because we understand the complexities of the tax codes.

As your trusted partner, if you ever get that letter from the IRS, we will be there. Remember that a good CPA understands the language of the IRS.

We simplify the billing process and provide you with as much transparency as possible. Our tax preparation services are billed at a flat fee based on the nature and complexity of the situation.

Triton Business Advisors - Tax & Accounting Services
From new business start-ups to established enterprises, all kinds of small businesses rely on Triton Business Advisors for bookkeeping and accounting services. We become a valuable resource for clear and accurate financial information that will contribute to the success of your business.

Our Tax Preparation Approach

“Get Acquainted” Meeting

Review prior tax returns and other financial information
Provide a fee estimate based on prior year tax return


Sign an engagement letter if there is a good fit
Upload documents into our software for review

writingTax preparation & client review

Analyze information for tax-saving opportunities
Prepare initial tax return and respond to follow-up questions

Finalize Tax Return

Send finalized tax returns to client for review and approval
Once approved, send EFile forms to client for signature, then file and monitor status of submission

Tax Preparation Fees

Minimum Individual Income Tax Return Preparation Fees

$495: Individuals with W-2 income and some interest and/or dividends who do not itemize deductions

$595: Individuals with W-2 income, interest/dividends and capital gains/losses who itemize deductions

$750: Individuals who are primarily self-employed (including single member LLC) or own rental property

$750: Individuals required to file multi-state tax returns

Minimum Entity Income Tax Return Preparation Fees

$1,750: S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership and Multiple Member LLC filings

$2,250: Multi-state S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership and Multiple Member LLC filings

Fees for services vary depending on the nature and complexity of the services provided. If additional services are required they will be billed at $195 per hour.

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