Marketing Consulting Services

Is Your Business Visible when people search?

Getting Found in a Crowded Online Marketplace

Our marketing consulting services span a broad range of traditional and online marketing activities. From marketing plan development, branding and creating a quality digital footprint, we can help your business increase its top line revenue.

Marketing Services for Small Businesses

Our flagship marketing consulting services help you:

Identify who you serve and how to best reach them with your marketing activities

Refine your goals to help you produce the results you want, eliminating activities that waste time or direct attention elsewhere

Develop your core message that highlights why you are different and speaks directly to the needs of your ideal client

Choose your marketing activities wisely to ensure you are utilizing your resources most effectively

Our marketing strategy and plan services help you create a simple marketing plan that guides your marketing activities. It outlines all the important pieces needed to successfully and consistently market your business. Whether you want to focus on inbound marketing or you want to integrate online with off-line marketing activities, we can help you create the plan that gets you there.

What Your Business Gets Working with Triton


Our marketing strategy and plan services help you create a simple plan that guides your marketing activities. With so much distraction in our day-to-day activities, we need to put structure around our marketing to remain focused on our goals.


A powerful web presence begins with a professional, mobile responsive website built on a self-hosted WordPress platform. Our WordPress websites provide a mobile friendly experience to your potential customers.

Search Marketing

Optimize content based on how people search creating visibility in the organic search engine results. Augment with paid search advertising when necessary.

Content Marketing

Develop a content strategy that addresses the needs of your target audience at the various stages of the buying journey.

Social Media

Reach your target audience by promoting your content on the social media platforms that are most relevant to them.

Inbound Marketing

Many small businesses have realized the effectiveness of inbound marketing in reaching targeted audiences with measurable results. Spending some time and money on building an inbound marketing plan can be the difference between a good year and a great year for your business.

Inbound marketing process is based on:

Attracting your ideal client by providing relevant, optimized content and distributing it across different online channels.

Converting visitors into qualified leads by offering premium content that encourages them to sign up to receive.

Nurturing these leads by providing the right information at the right time. This shortens the sales process and turns these leads into customers.

Delighting your customers with a continuous stream of valuable content to turn them into referral sources.

There are many benefits of inbound marketing, especially for small businesses:

  • Reach prospects, 24 hours a day, every day. There is no other marketing activity that has extensive reach at minimal costs. Whether your world is global or local, inbound marketing can put your business in front of your customers when they are searching.
  • Get more visibility. You get an incredible amount of visibility that far exceeds your business size or geographic location. Reach more potential clients with well planned and executed activities. Your online marketing efforts can return a much greater return within a reasonable budget.
  • Be seen as an expert resource in your industry. A professionally developed website and quality content can position your business as an expert resource in your industry. This makes it easy and convenient for prospects learn about your business.
  • Generate higher quality leads. Leads obtained through inbound marketing helps you build a larger, more qualified prospect list. that you can nurture through marketing activities such as an online newsletter.

In most cases, businesses benefit more from having a consistent advisory board composed of people with a genuine interest in your business and a desire to see it do well. This valuable management resource can provide direction, accountability and expertise that leads to the growth and success of your business. Contact us to get more information on our business advisory services.