Human Resource Planning

Helping You Manage Your Workforce Needs

Human resource planning services are designed for businesses that need HR support, but don’t need someone full time. Outsourcing your human resource services allows you to focus on your core business by reducing the burdens and complexities that surround workers and their issues.

We customize services to address your needs, implementing initiatives that bring the greatest return on investment.  We can assist you with a variety of comprehensive human resource and management issues. Key areas of expertise include human resource planning, workforce planning and employment, change management, employee relations, state and federal regulation and employment.

Why is human resource planning important?

Human resource planning is often referred to as strategic HR planning.  When your organization finds itself with a mission, vision and values, it is necessary to set up strategic goals and objectives.  To get started human resources will help senior management formulate policies and provide the guidance to lead the change process. HR’s contribution to the organizational effectiveness begins by planning for your needs and the impact of change on an organization. Strategic planning is necessary to link business strategy to its operation and manpower resources.

What is involved with projecting employment

Workforce planning and employment

This process ensures that people and manpower supply is available to provide the continued smooth operation of an organization.  Workforce planning and employment is a tool to assure the future availability of manpower to carry on the organizational activities. Through a guided process in workforce planning and employment, human resources can identify requirements to obtain short and long-term goals and conducts a suitable needs analysis to determine the future manpower needs.

Coping with change

Planning is the face of change.  In order to cope with change associated with the external and internal environmental factor, human resources is able to take inventory of who you employ, what the labor market looks like, and help your organization adapt to change in technology, politics, socio-cultural, economic forces, and even compliance to ever changing laws.

Human Resource Planning

Recruitment of talented employees

Another reason is to recruit and select the most capable applicants to fill job vacancies.  Human resource determines the needs, assesses the available labor market, and sets out to source, recruit, and interview candidates to join the organization and fulfill the workload.

Uncertainty and layoffs

Planning will help to reduce the impact of uncertainty which is brought on by sudden changes in processes, procedures, or business slowdowns.  Human resource planning is essential to secure the working environment without disruption.

Development of Human Resources

Identifying the skill requirement for various levels of jobs will control who you hire. Human resources will create job descriptions and salary benchmarks to obtain and retain top talent.  Planning involves training and development of employees to impart the required skill and ability to perform the task efficiently and effectively.  Many organizations use a combination of on-line training, in-service training, colleges and universities to provide the skills and standards necessary to perform the work.

Proper use of Human Resources

Through human resource planning of the organization, HR is able to measure, acquire, and utilize the manpower effectively to meet business needs. Human resource planning provides the assessment and knowledge to recruit skilled employees and optimizes the manpower use to minimize the overall cost of the organization.

Technology and global change

Forecasting will provide the support to bring about changes in technological advances and global impact on our economy.  The focus will be on changing methods, distributing services and products and the impact on management style. Change can only be regarded as the fundamental attitude of an organization. 

Change consists in a process that must be prepared and steered continuously along and it should be driven by employees, not imposed upon them. It is employees themselves who best perceive the problems they are facing and play an important role in making the change happen while minimizing the impact on profitability and overcoming resistance.

Human Resource Change Management

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