Business Operations Assessment

An In-Depth Look at Your Systems and Operations

Are you happy with the current level of efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations? Can you easily and successfully respond to changes in your industry? Are you constantly trying to move faster only to be slowed down even more? Does it seem like you are working harder and longer but getting less accomplished?

You are not alone. Most businesses periodically need to step back from day-to-day operations to evaluate how the business is run. Who is doing what jobs? Are deadlines being consistently met? Are you just keeping up or getting ahead of the curve? Have you missed out on opportunities because you couldn’t respond quickly enough?

What is a Business Operations Assessment?

A business operations assessment evaluates working effectiveness and suitability of a system or systems through identification of defects, gaps and areas of risk. The assessment also measures the adequacy of output/work and the reliability of the operations. This is an objective look at your business processes and procedures designed to provide you a clear picture of where your business is today and what can be done to make operations more efficient and effective going forward.

A business operations assessment can help you identify the key factors that are holding back your business and getting in the way of sustained growth. With this knowledge, you are better equipped to streamline your operations and update your strategic plan.

The following are just some of the areas we probe during a business operations assessment to help determine the areas of strength and weakness in your business.

  • Current business performance
  • Strategic plan, business goals and business plan availability
  • Vision and/or Mission Statement and/or Value Proposition Statement
  • Cash flow and financial stability
  • Documentation, process maps or operations manuals describing your business operations
  • Pricing model
  • Systems and technology
  • Customer service

Report and Recommendations

Once we have conducted the business operations assessment, we create a comprehensive report that clearly outlines all findings along with suggested implementation recommendations. We will then schedule a one-hour Zoom meeting with you to present the results. We record our meeting so you can listen to the results without having to take notes and then review the details at your convenience.

This Operations Assessment is delivered for a one-time investment of $995.00.

The Operations Assessment is a way to get insight into the problems that keep you awake at night. Without knowing exactly what’s right and what’s wrong in your business makes it difficult to create and implement a plan that guides you to delivering the business performance you want.

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