Business Financial Assessment

Reviewing Your Current Financial Situation

Do you really know and understand the financial health of your company? Can you easily get the reports you need to make decisions in a timely manner? Is your relationship with your lender all that you want it to be, or does it lack something? If a new opportunity came along, is your company in a financial position to pursue it without having to sacrifice current projects?

If you aren’t sure of the answers to any of those questions, it may be time for a financial assessment to uncover areas that could be improved in your company. Poor financial management and planning has caused many businesses to fail. The state of your finances are an important area to review to ensure you have solid cash flow, enough working capital, costs in line with your revenue and a solid handle on your debt and borrowing.

What is a Financial Assessment?

A financial assessment reviews your current financial situation on an annual basis, identifies areas of concern, creates goals to address those concerns, and provides implementation recommendations that often include use of a budget.

Our comprehensive financial assessment includes the following:

  • Complete review of last three (3) years financial statements and/or Company tax returns
  • Complete review of current lending relationships
  • Complete review of existing loans, leases, and credit lines.
  • Complete review of the adequacy of your current financing
  • Determination of future financing needs to accommodate future growth
  • Determination of the best financing options for future financing
  • Complete review of your accounts receivables and accounts payable

Report and Recommendations

Once we complete the analysis, we document all findings and provide you a comprehensive report. This report will contain:

  • What lending relationships should change, improve, or be eliminated.
  • What new lending relationships should be established.
  • What new loans or lending should be added, changed, or increased or decreased.
  • An estimation of the time frame needed to accomplish these changes.
  • Information about whether your financial reporting is adequate for your size of business or if you need to change?
  • Recommendations as to how to accomplish the above changes.

We will schedule a one-hour Zoom meeting with you to present the results. We record our meeting so you can listen to the results without having to take notes and then review the details at your convenience.

This beneficial program is offered to you for a one-time investment $995.00. The results of this analysis will get your financial systems

Contact us for more information on our Financial Assessment service.

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